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Founded in February 2020, the mission of Art in Common Places is to put art in public places so people can enjoy it in their everyday lives.  Live collaborations are facilitated between visual artists and poets to produce works of art that combine their talents.  Broadsides and postcards are created from these new and unique pieces of visual art and related new poems.  The projects are hung around Sarasota in places such as laundromats, community centers, public housing facilities, libraries, gyms and healthcare facilities.  Each month the broadsides and complimentary postcards are swapped out so viewers have a variety of art to enjoy.




​To accomplish our mission, we--one visual artist, one poet and one advocate of the arts--set out to bring serious visual artists and poets together to collaborate on works of art that combine their talents.


Our participating artists and poets must demonstrate professional commitment and be currently engaged in work in the discipline. They come from Sarasota and beyond, but our goal is to have at least one team member be a Sarasota resident. Although we do not currently compensate the collaborators, we offer opportunities for art shows, poetry readings and presentations. Our program provides exposure around the Sarasota metropolitan area, and is an opportunity to contribute to the community.

Through the collaboration of an artist and a poet, ten works of art were completed and displayed in locations around the Sarasota community.  Locations include libraries, coffee shops, laundromats, social services and medical offices, nail salons and grocery stores.


In a short time, businesses in Sarasota have embraced the mission of Art in Common Places.  This is exemplified by organizations such as Johnny's Car Wash, Sarasota Housing Authority, Detwilers in Palmetto, Fyzical Physical Therapy, the Sarasota Library System, Lime Laundromat, Oasis Restaurant, and other organizations embracing the concept.  We appreciate their support. 

If you and your business would like to participate, we encourage you to complete the contact form at the end of this site.  We will be in touch with you shortly.


Art in Common Places was an idea in February 2020.  We appreciate friends and family who provided financial and conceptual support to launch the concept.  As a result, we expect to incorporate as a 501c3 in 2021.


We have met our goal of working with 10 teams of artists/poets to create 10 broadsides, with accompanying postcards, for 2020.  A few of those pieces are below and elsewhere on the website. 

The goal in 2021 is to develop collaborations which will result in 14 broadsides with associated postcards.  As of mid-February, we are collaborating with Selby Library to create four broadsides in conjunction with the Sarasota Centennial.  An additional four broadsides are also in development.



Art in Common Places

Get in touch with Art in Common Places to learn more about our work and how you can become involved as an artist, poet or volunteer.

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